Corporate Social Responsability

Nowadays, more and more companies in the countru, but also from abroad are investing in CSR.
This is a concept related to the contribution the companies have in the development of modern society. One of the company’s objectives, Octocom Mobile Services, is to be actively involved in developing this concept.

All employees believe that first are the people and therefore, at management level was taken the decision to invest in social cases. Thus, the cornerstone was laid, meaning that the association ”Hope Petresti” from Maieru town, was the first recipient of sponsorship from the company.

Within it, it has invested in sports equipment for young people wanting to invest in rehabilitating the sports field. Also, during the winter holidays and Easter, the company provided sponsorship placement center in Timisoara. In colaboration with Young Accountants Association from the Faculty of Economics and Bussiness Administration, Timisoara, a part of the sponsorship of the company have reached to the placement center in Petroasa Mare, Timis county. Also 2% of employees’s income to this association, where the scope is the same: for charity

Future plans of the company are to establish their own foundation that will benefit the indigent children of support and encouragement in the professional development and labor market integration.